Family singing gospel at home

The Singing Kolenda Family

Hinson is a name that now refers to several different southern gospel singing groups, all members of the same extended family. The Original Hinsons sometimes referred to as The Singing Hinson Family were a multi-award-winning Southern Gospel group that was formed in and was active until The Original Hinsons were a prominent southern gospel group.

Consisting of siblings Ronny, Yvonne, Kenny and Larry, they first sang together in after being asked to sing during revival services at a small church in Freedom, California. Though they had never sung together as a unit, they soon found themselves a popular favorite in churches and concert appearances along the west coast of the United States. Initially, they were known as The Singing Hinson Family. However, as time and their popularity progressed they became known simply as The Hinsons.

Later, they were known as The Original Hinsons. Younger brother Larry tells the story behind the Hinsons signature song: "It was written inin the downstairs bathroom of a church then called "The Pentecostal Tabernacle. Ronny disappeared for several minutes, only to return to the church sanctuary brandishing a long fluttering piece of toilet paper.

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After some collaboration with Kenny the world-famous song "The Lighthouse" was born. It was first recorded the next year by The Goodmans and then by The Hinsons. Elvis recorded it soon thereafter. The Lighthouse quickly became a huge hit in southern gospel and remains one of the most recorded songs in all of southern Gospel.

Although the Hinsons were an extremely popular touring group, they were considered radical for their concert style, which was far more ministry oriented than most of the more established professional groups. Always innovators, the group recorded several albums in the s that changed the face of their industry with an eclectic mix of songs and styles ranging from traditional southern gospel, contemporary Christian, and what would soon become known as Country gospel.

In Chris left the group to start a full-time ministry with her husband Darrell which became The Freemans. Just as Yvonne re-joined the group, Larry left the group to travel the country as an evangelist with his wife Jana and two young children until when he and his wife became pastors of a church in Little Rock AR.

He was replaced by their nephew, Eric Hinson. In lateRonny "Bo" Hinson Jr replaced Eric untilwhen the group took some time off for the members to pursue their individual ministries. Kenny continued to sing as well as preach the gospel and soon found himself pastor of a church in Houston TX. After 4 years, in he felt the pull of the family singing ministry once again.

After many conversations and phone calls with his family, Larry approached their record producer at Calvary Music Group and suggested a reunion project involving the original members. The original group reunited for the thirteen city "One More Hallelujah" tour.

Living the Gospel Blesses My Family

During the tour, lead singer Kenny Hinson was diagnosed with kidney cancer. After Kenny's passing, Ronny, the eldest of the brothers in the group, continued to perform, write, as well as produce. He is a renowned songwriter, having written over 10 1 songs on the southern gospel charts, and over songs that charted in the top Yvonne continued to pursue her ministry of singing and healing.

Larry continued pastoring until when he and His wife Jana and young son Matthew went out on the evangelistic field. For the next 12 years, they ministered all across America.Individual and family gospel study at home on Sunday and throughout the week provides opportunities to find spiritual strength on a daily basis and allows greater flexibility for personalized study and revelation.

We need an adjustment to this pattern. It is time for a home-centered Church, supported by what takes place inside our branch, ward, and stake buildings. Church leaders have announced changes to the Sunday meeting schedule, beginning in Januaryin connection with the release of a new home-centered, Church-supported curriculum. These changes and others build upon several prior initiatives the Church has set in motion in recent years, meant to help members focus their lives more fully on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and deepen faith in Them.

These initiatives include a focus on more meaningful study of the gospel at home, honoring the Lord by keeping the Sabbath day holy, and caring for one another as the Savior would and as directed by the Spirit. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, as he outlined the changes in the Saturday morning session of general conference.

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Church leaders are inviting a greater focus on increased participation in personal and family religious observance in the home, including gospel study at home on Sunday and throughout the week and adjustments to home evening. As both classroom and lab, the home is an essential center of gospel learning and living. Relying solely on limited time at church for gospel instruction creates an imbalance that is unlikely to achieve the deep and lasting conversion necessary.

Changes include the introduction of a new gospel study resource for individuals and families at home. Individuals and families can use the new Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Familiesif they desire, to guide their gospel study experience outside of church. The new resource works with companion resources for Sunday School and Primary teachers to align Sunday lessons with home scripture study and suggestions for home evening.

family singing gospel at home

Materials sent to members and leaders explain that Church leaders encourage members to hold a home evening and gospel study on the Sabbath—or at other times as individuals and families choose.

A family activity night could be held on Monday or at other times. To this end, leaders should continue to keep Monday evenings free from Church meetings and activities. However, time spent in home gospel study and activities for families and individuals is scheduled according to individual circumstances. Worshipping God at church, participating in sacred ordinances there, and gathering together to teach one another and strengthen and serve each other are essential elements of deepening faith and personal conversion.

Reducing the amount of time spent at church could be counterproductive unless individuals and families are intentional in strengthening their homes. Adjustments to the Church experience are intended to support increased gospel learning and living at home. These changes include adjusting the weekly Sunday schedule to include:. The minute class period will include weekly Primary for children and will alternate weekly for youth and adults as follows:. Primary will follow the schedule below.

family singing gospel at home

If a Primary is large enough to separate into junior and senior Primary, leaders should reverse the schedule for half of the children and adjust the time as necessary.

Beginning in January, this home-centered, Church-supported curriculum will harmonize what adult, youth, and children are learning in Sunday School and Primary classes, making it easier for families to study together at home during the week.

Visit comefollowme. Church leaders are seeking to create a new balance and a greater connection between the unique strengths of the home and Church experiences with specific purposes in mind. For the announcement of these adjustments, see Russell M. For more information about these adjustments, visit Sabbath. Church News. Changes Help Balance Gospel Instruction at Home and at Church 6 October Individual and family gospel study at home on Sunday and throughout the week provides opportunities to find spiritual strength on a daily basis and allows greater flexibility for personalized study and revelation.

Related Links Learn more at Sabbath. How to Submit a News Story Learn more about guidelines and necessary forms. Prayer, scripture or article of faith, talk 5 minutes Singing time: Music that supports the scriptures studied in class 20 minutes.It is best to call ahead or check with organizer's websites to verify the status of any local event. The Crist Family is considered to be one of the fastest rising family groups in gospel music today.

Their blend of voices, great songs, high energy, clever staging, variety of music and incredible testimony is second to none. One of the most unique qualities of The Crist Family is their group size. Seven singers make up this mixed family group.

With four women and three male vocals you will hear amazing four, five and even six part harmonies. The Crist Family is always changing their look in concert from duets to trios to quartets.

family singing gospel at home

Forty years separate the youngest member to the oldest member, so there is always something for all ages. From classic southern gospel to a more progressive sound, this group does it all! The group began part-time in After seventeen years in ministry, God called this family group to a higher level of service.

In just a few short years, God has blessed their leap of faith and answered their prayers to allow them to sing a message of hope through song to thousands of people. They have already ministered in 28 states and Canada. In just their third year they were invited to sing on Main Stage at the National Quartet Convention and have graced the stage at nearly every major event in gospel music.

They signed a major recording contract with Horizon records and were picked up by the industry leading Harper Agency for booking management. They have had several Top 5 and Top 10 nominations by the Singing News Fan Awards for Horizon group of the year, soprano of the year and young artist of the year.

It is apparent that God has His hand on this group and has chosen to bless their step of faith for His glory. You will not be disappointed but rather you will be blessed as you hear this beautiful family group sing songs that glorify God and lift the soul and spirit of every person with whom they come in contact.

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Sign up Sign in. Where do you want to go? Recent Locations. One of the most unique qualities of The Crist Family is their group siz More About The Crist Family. Recommendations Similar to The Crist Family. Bio The Crist Family is considered to be one of the fastest rising family groups in gospel music today.

Report offensive content on this page. Edit performer Performer ID: P All rights reserved. COM Network. Pick a recent location. Advanced Search.What are some of the blessings Heavenly Father has given you? Some blessings are easy to see, like the beautiful world Heavenly Father created or a new brother or sister in your family.

In this story about Nephi, see if you can find the blessings Nephi and his family were given because they lived the gospel. The Lord warned Nephi to take his people into the wilderness so the Lamanites would not hurt them. Nephi was obedient.

He gathered his family and all those who believed in the word of God. They traveled in the wilderness for many days. Finally they set up camp and went to work. They planted seeds, and their crops grew well. They raised many animals. They built buildings and a temple, where they could worship God.

Nephi taught the people from the scriptures, and they kept the commandments. That means they lived in a way that helped them be happy. When we live the gospel, we receive blessings that can help us be happy. Superhero Service Tiffany Gee Lewis. Why do we need to obey the commandments? Tom Perry. A Good Day After All! Stacey Kratz. Conference Answers Abby H. Funstuff: Hidden Picture David Helton.

Changes Help Balance Gospel Instruction at Home and at Church

My Covenant Path Marvin K. Gardner and Vanja Y.

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Sheep Attack! Mackenzie Van Engelenhoven. The Right Path Claudio D. Text Settings. Show Hide.I am thankful for your profession of faith in Jesus Christ, your modest dress and conservative Christian values, your commitment to the King James Bible, your close family ties, your zeal to win lost souls to Christ, your concern for our wayward nation, and other wholesome things.

I wish I could leave the matter there, but that is not possible with a clear biblical conscience. I want to plead with the Clark Family about the leaven in your ministry in regard to music. We are twice warned that a little leaven leaveneth the whole lump. And we are told that little foxes can spoil wholesome vines. The leaven is your use of and incremental drift toward contemporary Southern Gospel music.

“Spirit Of The Living God” Charles King “Thanksgiving Day 2018.

Having played and studied music for more than 50 years, I know the character of music. I was the first chair clarinetist in an member award-winning band in high school.

After returning from Vietnam, I hitchhiked across America, selling drugs, going to jail, joining a Hindu society.

family singing gospel at home

God saved me in a motel room in in Daytona Beach, Florida, and gave me a great love for His Word. One of the first things God dealt with me about was my music.

I wrote my first book on music more than 40 years ago, and I have been studying about, writing about, teaching about, and warning about that issue ever since. I know Southern Gospel. I grew up in the South in a Southern Gospel-oriented Baptist church.

I have read most of the books that have been written on Southern Gospel, including biographies of many of its key players. I have attended the National Quartet Convention with press credentials. And I know contemporary music. The Clark Family music used to be a simple bluegrass-tinged style, but is moving beyond that.

A drift like this has no bottom. We have seen it time and time again. I see this progression everywhere among those who love Southern Gospel. Important lines are being erased. One reason is that even a little Southern Gospel creates an addiction to and an appetite for jazzed-up rhythms and sensual vocal styles e. Some might not like an operatic style like Hale and Wilder, but a style of music in itself is not necessarily right or wrong.

We have lived for decades in South Asia, and I have traveled to about 40 countries, and I recognize that there are legitimate cultural differences in Christian music. The style of hymns written indigenously by our churches in South Asia is somewhat different from a Western style. There are biblical principles that must be applied to music to determine whether it is worldly or sacred. We deal with issue extensively in the brand new book A Plea to Southern Gospel Music Loverswhich is a multi-media presentation with links to audio and video clips illustrating the musical lessons.The Lord has commanded parents to teach the gospel to their children.

He said:.

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Before we can live by those laws, we must know what they are. Jesus Christ is our leader and lawgiver. He knows the way and the laws we must keep, and He has invited each of us to follow Him. To become like our Heavenly Father and return to Him, we must learn the teachings of Jesus and follow them. We have the scriptures to help us learn about the life, teachings, and commandments of Jesus Christ.

They explain the laws of the gospel and the standards by which we can measure all thoughts, actions, and teachings. They help us learn about the life and teachings of Jesus Christ and give examples of people who had faith in God and kept His commandments. Families should study the scriptures together regularly to learn and follow the teachings of the Lord.

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Parents should gather their families together at a regular time each day to read and discuss the scriptures. Each family member who can read should have an opportunity to read from the scriptures. A family member may offer a prayer before the scripture reading and ask Heavenly Father to bless each one to understand what is read and to gain a testimony of it. Families may want to have their family prayer following the scripture reading. As families read and ponder the scriptures, they will want to become more like the Savior and will find greater happiness and peace in their lives.

Each of us must learn to talk to our Father in Heaven through prayer. He loves us and wants us to talk to Him. He wants us to thank Him for our blessings and ask for His help and guidance. He will help us when we ask. Most prayers are offered with our heads bowed and our eyes closed while we kneel, sit, or stand. Our prayers do not always have to follow all four of these steps, but having them in mind will help us learn to pray.

We should always begin and end our prayers with the first and last steps but what we say in the middle will depend on what we feel is important. Sometimes we will want to spend most of our prayer thanking our Heavenly Father. At other times we may want to spend most of our prayer asking for His help.They are currently signed to gospel label Stowtown Records.

Phil and Kim both came from a Christian upbringing. They met in high school and married upon graduating high school. Poor guy, he had to wait on me to grow up. We were so in love and really wanted to get married. So, I decided to cram four years of high school into three so I could graduate from high school in The same year he would graduate from college.

That plan worked well. Phil and Kim Collingsworth started in the music ministry when they were musicians at a church camp in Petersburg, Michigan in August of Inthey made the decision to tour full time.

Phil and Kim have started music presentations for church camps and extended-length revival campaigns. Majestica live CD and DVD from piano performer Kim Collingsworth and friends stemmed from a show in Spartanburg Memorial Auditorium with a crowd of more than 2, people over a 5-hour concert. Inthey released their album Mercy and Lovea collection of covers and new songs.

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